Mudkip Plush Collection

This is the main plush I collect. On this site, you will see all the Mudkip I have collected so far (and those I still want to acquire).

Mudkip has always been my favourite Pokémon since I played Sapphire edition. It's a cute little mudfish and I fell in love with it the very first time I saw it.

When I was younger, I couldn't afford buying plush (I didn't even know they existed), but since I found out there are so many of them, I just had to collect them all!

Of course, my collection is not completed yet, but I'm happy to show you the ones I already have. Of course, each of them has its own unique name and personality. I will tell you more about each Mudkip I collected. Just read on! :3

Even though the hang tags are cut off, I still have them, wherever available. The ones I got in used condition only have the hash tag.


Name: Sentry

Date: 2014

Type: Lifesize Pokémon Center Mudkip Plush

Personality: Steady, aware, watchful, loyal


Name: Sovereign

Date: Unknown

Type: Tomy Mudkip Plush (left eye has a scratch)

Personality: Quiet, intelligent, sober, wise


Name: Boneweaver

Date: 2015

Type: Banpresto (not sure if bootleg or not, got it from a convention in Vienna)

Personality: Quiet, rational, selfless


Name: Splendor

Date: 2015

Type: Pokémon Center Mudkip sleeping plush

Personality: Ambitious, wise, glorious, loyal


Name: Veil

Date: 2014

Type: Banpresto

Personality: Silent, loyal, unseen, veiled


Name: Fusion

Date: 2004

Type: Hasbro

Personality: Intelligent, eager, curious, polite


Name: Midnight

Date: 2004 ?

Type: Tomy

Personality: Steady, content, watchful


Name: Favor

Date: 2014

Type: Pokémon Center Standard Size (Japan version)

Personality: Humorous, easy, positive-minded, funny


Name: Flow

Date: 2014

Type: Pokémon Center Standard Size (US version, may be a bootleg, got it from China seller)

Personality: Humourous, ambivalent, easy


Name: Current

Date: Unknown

Type: Hasbro (tag cut off)

Personality: Intelligent, consistent, loyal, strict


Name: Seethe

Date: 2006

Type: "QR code" Mudkip

Personality: Quirky, crabby, warm-hearted


Name: Blackboon

Date: 2005

Type: Banpresto

Personality: Adventurous, funny, loyal


Name: Evermore

Date: 2013

Type: Banpresto

Personality: Fierce, proud, possessive


Name: Blueface

Date: 2011

Type: Mudkip Canvas Plush

Personality: Reserved, logical, sensitive


Name: Fever

Date: Unknown

Type: Tomy sitting Mudkip

Personality: Fervid, focused, lonely


Name: Focus

Date: 2014

Type: Pokémon Center secret base pokédoll

Personality: Anxious, reluctant, shy, sensitive


Name: Mischief

Date: 2016

Type: Pokémon Center keychain (small version of secret base pokédoll)

Personality: Shy, reluctant, anxious, curious, clumsy


Name: Flash

Date: 2005

Type: Pokédoll

Personality: Open-minded, creative, short-tempered


Name: Pristine

Date: 2003

Type: Pokédoll

Personality: Fervid, nosy, ambitious


Name: Sleepy (obvious)

Date: 2015

Type: Cuttari sleeping Japan version

Personality: Sleepy, lazy, dreamy


Name: Wake

Date: 2015

Type: Cuttari awake Japan version

Personality: Open-hearted, friendly, adventurous


Name: Diving

Date: 2014

Type: Banpresto keychain

Personality: Curious, cooperative, altruistic


Name: Dust

Date: 2004

Type: Bandai Friends Mudkip

Personality: Introvert, silent, eager


Name: Surge

Date: 2013, 2015 ?

Type: Pokémon Center petit

Personality: Curious, adventurous, lively, introvert