Wanted items

Here I will show to you the items I still want in my collection!


Mudkip Items

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Welcome to my collection site! :3

I'm Mizugorou, I'm from Austria and I'm 25 years old. I started to collect Mudkip plush in 2014, when I first noticed there are hundreds of Pokémon plush out there.

I may be crazy, but hey. Others do smoke, drink alcohol or go to parties. I collect plush. It's not less expensive, but not less fun either.

I have other things as well in my collection, figurines, cards, etc. You will see them all here.

Feel free to have a look around! :3

Other Mudkip Items

I do have some other Mudkip items, you will find them here.

Other Plush

When you already have some plush it's very likely you find more you like, and even more!

So, I will show you here all the plush I like, but I don't specifically collect. Those Pokémon are my other favourites, but I don't have a plush from every favourite Pokémon I have (there are too many!).


Name: Maakaib

Date:  2015

Type: Mew Pokémon Center standard size plush

Personality: Curious, eager, enthusiastic, friendly, helpful


Name: Nightfog

Date: 2014

Type: Kirlia Pokémon Center standard size plush

Personality: Calm, reasonable, strict, stern


Name: Vortex

Date: 2014

Type: Latios Pokémon Center

Personality: Tempered, spontaneous, agile